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Articles written by Roy
The Gambia
Chile Presidentes
Germany Inflation 1923
The Stamp Market - A traders view
The Spanish Prisoner
        A 1910 letter from Spain proves there is nothing new under heaven.
Pan Am Air System Test of 1946
        Under the sponsorship of Pan Am Airways, the public is invited to test the airmail system on the first day of a massive rate drop for U.S. airmail to the Western Hemisphere.
Sometimes, it's what's inside that counts!
        An 1843 letter from Memphis - what an adventure!
Great Britain Seahorse issues : A short tutorial
        This very popular issue causes a quite a bit of confusion, but it's really quite simple ...
Great Britain Penny Reds : A short tutorial
        This series of stamps, in use from 1841 to about 1880 causes a lot of headaches, and incorrect identifications. This tutorial makes it easy!

Guest articles
The Battle of Hastings (1066) -- Eric Lingen (age 12)
Discovery of the Coelacanth -- Eric Lingen (age 12)
Stonehenge - A very special visit -- Eric Lingen (age 13)
National Air Mail Week 1938 -- Jeffrey Shapiro
Early Motorcycles and Perfin Stamps -- Cully Granger
       A brief history of early motorycles and the companies that made them, with particular reference to perfins.

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