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Just one of the interesting covers
offered this week!

Canada 1937 lovely combo Coronation FDC

GB 1840 #1 Penny Black used

119 lots this week!

Our table of contents this week looks like this auction is exclusively US and Canada, but we can assure you, there are some interesting foreign items in there too! In truth, it is heavy in Canada and US, with some great stuff. As to worldwide stuff, look for a lovely collection of aerogrammes (keep watch for more from this collection in coming weeks). These have proven very popular and we were pleased and fortunate to get this collection. Also, really unusual items from collections of US and Canada FDCs, and a lovely collection of German WWI Feldpost postcards. We round it all out with a selection of Canadian stamps that aren't present in every collection as well as a Penny Black. As always, bargain starting prices! Enjoy!

Some highlights:

  • Canada features a nice selection of stamps with many bargains, a lovely batch of unusual and seldom seen FDCs like Kolor Kover and some unusual 1937 Mufti FDC's and Coronation,
  • look for interesting worldwide aerogrammes throughout, including countries like Korea, Malaya, Pakistan, and British Paquebots,
  • a lovely batch of Germany WWI Feldpost picture postcards,
  • US features really nice 1940s and 1950s FDCs, some handpainteds, and a couple of sets of c2010 Express Mail values on FDC,
  • but be sure to check out those aerogrammes!

Enjoy your browse!

Auctions closing Saturday July 27, 2024

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More about our eBay auctions

Why do we auction our best covers? Over the years we have built up a long list of customers, many of whom collect the same things. We think making the best covers available to the highest bidder is the fairest way of deciding where they go.

"I don't like eBay, but I want some of your auction covers". We hear this from time to time. Usually, the not liking eBay means not liking searching through masses of listings -- and we sympathize with that!. With our auctions, you don't have to search. We present you with a neat list of this week's covers that is pleasant to browse. If you see something you want to bid on, the link will take you straight to the lot on eBay to place your bid-- it's no tougher than opening a Bid Sheet!

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