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weekly auctions of better covers
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Just one of the interesting covers
offered this week!

US 1956 Wildlife Conservation FDC
large photo souvenir card - signed postmaster
(1 of 9 similar photo FDCs)

129 lots this week!

We are back after a week off ebay to enjoy a bit of summertime. We are working hard to catch up for our next BuckaCover and CoverBox upload re-scheduled for June 20. Looks like we will have over 8,000 BuckaCover covers and well over 500 new items for CoverBox!

This week's auction of 129 lots is loaded with unusual and interesting stuff! And we started nearly everything at $4.00. Roy says he likes to find the material and let the market decide. We anticipate there will be many bargains and unusual finds!

Check out these highlights:

  • Canada offers a lovely selection of 1930s-40s unused stationery, some scarcer items individually, and some lots as "mini-collections". There are also some better cachet FDCs from the 1950s and 1960s,
  • GB starts with some stampless folded letters, a very strong Maltese cross cancel cover, a Guernsey 1940 Occupation bisect FDC and more,
  • Latin America is represented by some Argentina Antarctic covers and 3 nice c1910 Bolivia covers,
  • a good showing of British Commonwealth - Aden, Winston Churchill, British Guiana and more,
  • several pre-revolution Russia covers,
  • US includes better FDCs, a range of FDC Maximum Cards, (see the unusual photo FDCs like our Featured Cover), and a couple of 1946 Pan Am System Test covers (if these are new to you, see Roy's article on them by using the "Philatelic Articles" link in our main Buckacover.com menu)
  • and of course our usual eclectic selection. Should be a fun auction!

Enjoy your browse!

Auctions closing Saturday June 15, 2024

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Page 1   Aden to Canada
Page 2   Canada (cont'd) to Romania
Page 3   Russia to US
Page 4   US (cont'd) to US
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More about our eBay auctions

Why do we auction our best covers? Over the years we have built up a long list of customers, many of whom collect the same things. We think making the best covers available to the highest bidder is the fairest way of deciding where they go.

"I don't like eBay, but I want some of your auction covers". We hear this from time to time. Usually, the not liking eBay means not liking searching through masses of listings -- and we sympathize with that!. With our auctions, you don't have to search. We present you with a neat list of this week's covers that is pleasant to browse. If you see something you want to bid on, the link will take you straight to the lot on eBay to place your bid-- it's no tougher than opening a Bid Sheet!

"Can I get reminders of your weekly auctions?". Absolutely! Go to our Mailing List Page and subscribe for our "Weekly eBay auctions" mailing list. We'll send a weekly email with a brief commentary by Roy about this week's highlights and a link to this page.

Have a question? Use the "Contact Webmaster" link in the menu.