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Payment Options

  • PayPal
    • PayPal has extended its service to most countries in the world.
    • Transaction is processed in US$
    • This is one of the most convenient ways of making online payments, once you have set up your account.
    • If you are an international user, it takes a few days for PayPal to "verify" your credit card for the first time. This is only required once. Create your free personal account ahead of time and be prepared.
    • No fees.
    • We ship immediately upon notification from PayPal of a payment by credit card or from your PayPal balance.
    • eCheck payments are shipped when we receive notice that funds have cleared. (This takes 3-5 days usually).
    • How: Use the buttons during our check-out process, or email us and request an invoice when you are done ordering.

  • Credit Cards
    • All credit card (and VISA debit) purchases are processed through the Paypal gateway. A Paypal account is not required.
    • Use the buttons during the checkout process or email us to request an invoice.

  • Cheques
    • We accept cheques drawn on U.S. or Canadian banks.
    • In most cases we do not wait for cheques to clear before shipping. We may, at our discretion, require time for cheque clearance if the two following factors apply to this transaction:
      • We have not done business together before.
      • The cheque is for a significant amount.
    • Cheque clearance from Canada to the U.S. takes 3 weeks. If the above factors apply to this transaction, we recommend one of the other available payment methods.
    • How: Send your cheque to our mailing address below (also on your e-mail auction invoice from us).
      Make checks payable to "Deborah Lingen".

  • Money Orders
    • Cashing non-Canadian money orders in Canada has become a problem. Therefore, we no longer accept Money Orders from outside Canada.
    • Personal checks are fine!
    • We ship upon receipt.
    • How: Send to our mailing address below (also on your e-mail auction invoice from us).
      Make payable to "Deborah Lingen".

  • Cash
    • We accept cash payments in US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Pounds Sterling and Euros only. Please ask us for an exchange rate.
    • Cash payments are sent strictly at your own risk. Registration is not a guarantee!
    • We recommend you do not send cash in a greeting card sized envelope. Birthday cards often include cash, and postal handlers around the world know it!
    • How: Very carefully! Send to our mailing address below (also on your e-mail auction invoice from us).

  • Interac E-Mail Money Transfer (Canadians Only)
    • If you have online access to your Canadian bank account, you can easily send money to anyone else in Canada who banks online and has an email account.
    • Check your bank's online site and look for "Interac E-Mail Money Transfer".
    • Available to online banking customers of most Canadian banks.
    • Please reserve this option for only larger amounts.
    • Use Debbie's email address: debbie@lingens.com

  • Western Union Money Transfer
    • We do not accept Western Union Money Transfers.
    • Our local agent has closed down and we have no local location to pick up payments.


Contact Information

Mail: Deborah Lingen
P.O. Box 99,
Verona, ON
Telephone: 1-613-374-2091
Time Zone Eastern Standard Time
GMT -5 hours (November - April)
GMT -4 hours (May - October)
E-Mail: debbie@lingens.com