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The greatest experience of my life was when I went to Stonehenge. We went there in a tour group with Astral Travels (A UK tour Company). After seeing Avebury Circle and Glastonbury Tor earlier in the tour they were still all dwarfed by Stonehenge. When I saw Stonehenge my impression was that it was huge. Wondering how early man could construct anything so huge, that even modern man would have trouble constructing this without cranes and forklifts.

We parked in the Stonehenge parking lot and hurried to go to the gift shop that Nick our tour guide had asked to stay open a few more minutes. I got a little pewter sculpture of Stonehenge and my Mom got a nice oil painting of Stonehenge. After we left the gift shop we used the tunnel under the road to go to Stonehenge.

It was a special privilege at Stonehenge because we were able to go right up to the stones and touch them, thanks to the special access permission given to Astral Travels. Since most people have to stay behind a rope set up around Stonehenge it was a real privilege. At Stonehenge we circled the circle and entered though what would have been the ceremonial entrance. Inside we were given half an hour to look around and explore. It was amazing how large Stonehenge is. We also went around Stonehenge with dowsing rods and any time we passed a certain place they would spin. After 30 minutes we assembled and Nick told us about his views on Stonehenge and all the modern theories. It was sad when we had to leave Stonehenge.

Hopefully one day I'll go back.

Eric Lingen