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Other Links Categories

A.J.'s Encyclopedia of Stamp and Philatelic Links
A resource directory for collectors, dealers and philatelists including listings for Postal Authorities, Postal Agents, Dealers, Resources, Philately and more...

Allied Occupation of Germany Discussion Group
Why not join the new discussion group on the stamps, covers and postal history of the Allied occupation of Germany after Word War II - American, British, French and Russian zones, including Berlin. Topics in this area include AMG, Zonal and local stamps, emergency and "Postage Paid" marks, civil internment camp mail, censored mail, and POW and Labour Unit postal history.

Australian Philatelic Society
Australia's premier philatelic society. Postal history and general philately. Quarterly journal.

60,000 worldwide covers priced from 60c to $1.50 ! All covers are scanned. Browsing and shopping are easy with over 300 categories and an effective shopping cart.

Commonwealth Stamp Store
We have been in the Stamp trade for about 35 years now and take pride in the service we offer.

Danish Postal Stationery
Postal Stationery of Denmark 1871-1879. With links to Postal Stationery on the net.

Extensive inventory of stamps for collectors, specializing in Dead Countries especially 1840-1940

Discount Postage
Canadians can save 20-35% on their postage budgets with discounted, fresh from the post office stamps.

E S J van Dam Ltd
Canada's largest stock of Canada and Provinces revenue stamps, Telephone and Telegraph Franks, Duck, Wildlife and Conservation stamps. Canada semi official airmail stamps and covers. Regular newsletters, auctions, etc.

Hong Kong Study Circle
The HKSC was formed in 1951 to record and circulate information on the philatelic and postal history of Hong Kong and treaty ports.

John Sheffield Philatelist Ltd.
I sell the world in my regular public stamp auctions. If you are looking for a single stamp or an entire collection, a box full or a bag of stuff to sort, or perhaps that elusive item, each of my auctions is a philatelic smorgasbord! Come and see for yourself.

Judnick Postcards
Worldwide stamps, covers, and postcards. Strengths in modern postal history and ship covers. Hosts Maritime Postmark Society page.

Malaya Study Group
The MSG specialises in the stamps, postal stationery and postal history of the states of Peninsular Malaysia which until 1963 formed the Federation of Malaya, including the Straits Settlements of Malacca, Penang and Singapore, the Federated Malay States, Negri Sembilan and Sungei Ujong, Pahang, Perak and Selangor and the Unfederated States, Johor, Kedah, Kelantan, Perlis and Trengganu.

Nicaragua Study Group
For the Study of the Stamps and Postal History of classic and modern NICARAGUA.

On-line Exhibits: Stamporama Stamp Club
On-line exhibits of Stamporama members.

Space Cover Store
We offer historical items pertaining to the USA Space Program. You will find events from the 1950's to present day including Project Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Satellites, Rockets, X-15, Missiles, Balloons, Shuttle, Apollo-Soyuz, Explorer, Pioneer, Discoverer, Mariner, Ranger, Vanguard, Prime Recovery and Recovery ships, First Day Covers and some Worldwide Space events.

Stamp and Coin Collecting Software
Organize your stamp collection with EzStamp. Over 25,000 pre-supplied stamp listings+18,200 Color Images and SCOTT Licensed. EzStamp is by far the most COMPREHENSIVE, up to date and easiest to use. Includes current pricing for Mint and Used Singles, FDC's Plate Blocks and PNC's. Create Want Lists, inventory reports. Search by Topic or Key Word. Great for TOPICAL collectors. CD includes USA, UN, CANADA,CDN Provinces, HAWAII, RYUKYUS, DUCKS CANAL ZONE, Confederate States, Postal Cards, US Revenues and Envelopes. Includes US Regular issues plus all Commemoratives, Air Mails, Postage Dues, other B.O.B., Revenues, Ducks, Confederate States.The #1 Best Selling Stamp Software.

Stamp Buyer Canada
Selling a stamp collection or accumulation of covers in Canada? We buy! Stamps, covers, postcards. Fast and fair offers.

Stamp Buyer Canada
Buyers of stamp collections, covers and dealer lots. Based in Canada.

Buyers of stamp collections, covers and dealer lots. Based in Canada and Northeastern USA. Will travel for large and valuable lots.

A free on-line stamp club with many excellent benefits. Worth a visit.

Virtual Stamp Album New Hebrides
All stamps of the New Hebrides as pictures plus many many fine items of postal history from 4 spezialised collectors from around the world.

Other Links Categories