Our Weekly eBay Auctions are back!
We traditionally take the month of December off from eBay, but we are back with our first weekly auction of the new year. Some great stuff listed.

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Two Exciting Philatelic Cover Inventories
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the cover box space 2,500 world premium covers.
space Search engine with keywords.
space Everything scanned.
space Many discounted covers.
space 500+ new covers / month.
BuckaCover Space Over 60,000 covers!
Space priced from $0.60 to $1.50.
Space Every cover scanned!
Space over 250 categories!
space 6000+ new covers / month.
Weekly Auctions Space typically 150-300 covers each week.
space usual values range from $3 to $300.
space satisfaction guaranteed.
space auctions held on eBay
space easy listing of all lots on this site.
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Most recent additions:
Tuesday November 25
8,000+ new covers

Next additions scheduled
8,000+ new covers

Cover Box
Tuesday November 25
500 new covers

Next additions scheduled
500 new covers

EST (UTC -5)
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Big BuckaCover & Cover Box uploads coming Tuesday November 25!
November 23, 2014

On Tuesday November 25, we will upload over 8,000 new covers to our BuckaCover inventory.

We will also add about 500 new covers to the Cover Box inventory.

We will activate the Cover Box first at 2:00pm EST, and then an hour later at 3:00pm we will activate the BuckaCover additions. That way, you don't have to decide which to browse first! Remember, the same shopping cart handles both, so you do not have to send in separate orders. Just leave your Cover Box selections in your shopping cart and they will still be there when you shop the BuckaCover additions and add to them!

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Thanks to our pricing method, not only will there be thousands of fresh new covers, but thousands more older covers will be dropping down to the next price level. (usually about 8,000 price drops!) We have outlined our pricing process in detail on our "Pricing" page.

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