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Some notes on using our Cover Index

To have the best success at finding the covers that interest you, it helps to understand how we handle new covers for listing.

In order to keep the price per cover down to around $1.00 per cover, we had to make some compromises. At this price, we cannot afford to sort covers out individually into their perfect categories. Instead, we must handle them in bulk - in batches of covers.

As an example, if we get a lot of Great Britain FDC's we will create a new category for them. But does that mean all Great Britain FDC's will be in that category? No! because we may have had some FDC's mixed in another lot of general Great Britain - not enough to identify and pull out by themselves. Those will still be found in the general Great Britain category where they were originally placed.

So, if you see a specialized listing for "Philatelic Covers", or "FDC", or "Stationery", you can be assured that's all that the category will contain, because we processed them as a lot. However, there may be more of that type of cover in the general listing for that country.

The same thing also happens with countries. For example, we may be putting all our "Jamaica" covers under "Caribbean Islands" because there are not enough to warrant separating. But then we may get a large "Jamaica only" lot and create a new index for it. Jamaica covers that were added earlier will still be under "Caribbean Islands". To see them all, you should check all listings that fit your interests.

Topical Covers: Sorting out topical covers is a lot of work. Generally, we will not have topical categories unless we acquire a lot already sorted that way. You will find a few categories under "T" for "Topical", for example "Topical - Animals". If you are looking for specific topics, try the Topical Index of the Cover Box inventory on this site.

Some Terminology

Philatelic Covers
Covers created for philatelists. Will include FDC's, event covers, flight covers etc.

First Day Cover

Postal cards, postal envelopes, wrappers etc. pre-printed with postage.

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